READ: April’s Fools Day Is The Worst, Even In Dance Music

Its that one day of the year where NOTHING can be trusted – especially when it comes to anyone on the internet. And it seems that even dance music Twitter could not resist getting in on the April Fools Day fun…Although its not all fun and games when someone starts throwing around very legit looking Daft Punk tour rumors and dates…

Check out the list of some of the best (and worst) April Fools Tweets from the world of EDM!

The article is up here and links to a rather interesting Soundcloud post…This won’t be the only time you see MixMag on this list, although this is the least heartbreaking prank the magazine decided to tweet out on April 1st. Kudos on the Photoshop job here though. This post also gets a hint of credibility when you consider the documented approval Barack Obama has for house music.

Jauz went cute for a April Fools and it makes me like him all the more for it. is the best part of this post, not to mention that he decided to @ reply his real manager. I wonder if Doggo is taking on any other new clients…

This one has the trappings of a good April Fools joke; mystery and the track record of a good prankster.

It took me a little while to realize: 1. This was not actually Hardwell going hard on April Fools Day and 2. To figure out who the heck @pazpaz even IS. Thanks to some Googling, I came across an article from April Fools 2013 – when the “underground, EDM-influenced pop musician” planted 5,000 copies of his new album and some how slipped them inside cases that looked exactly like Justin Biebers album Believe in record stores around Los Angeles. Prior to that stunt, in 2011 Paz stole Paris Hilton’s three-tier birthday cake and donated it to a homeless shelter.

In the grand scheme of Paz,this Hardwell Twitter take over makes sense, and seems to be the least illegal of his April Fools schemes. And some of his tweets are pretty hilarious, especially if you in the know of past Hardwell themed jokes that have happened through out the dance music world (including Hardwell meme-ing himself to a hater & that time Calvin Harris gave Dillon Francis a Hardwell figurine & has since been one of the most hilarious characters on the DJs Snapchat). But you have to wonder what the actual Hardwell thinks about this…

(For reference here is a screengrab of the real Hardwell’s twitter. What I really want to know is how Paz got the verified checkmark? Unless he had it already? Hmmm…)

There are some things no one should joke about and one of those things is Daft Punk *FINALLY* embarking on what will be a much anticipated world tour. In the early hours of April Fools Day, MixMag decided to break this sacred vow with a (mostly) credible article and very real looking tour announcement artwork.

Although I hate to admit it – this one got me hard. I was already thinking about buying a plane ticket to check out the August 23rd show in L.A. when I reflected on both the date and the odd comments about the duo in the article.

“To be honest with you, it was pressure from the fans. Thomas has been having sleepless nights after reading countless Facebook comments begging for them to come back. Guy-Manuel has been the same – at one point he didn’t eat for three weeks.”

This breaks the persona of the duo as robots (who don’t need to sleep or eat) and seems like an odd way to break their omnious silence. Do you really think either spend time on Facebook?

And then there was the idea of “4D Sound” which, while sounds like something the Robots would try to pull off, seemed off with the fourth sense which would allow fans to “taste” the robots…

This one hit too close to home, MixMag, although I do appreciate the attention to detail. Let this be a cautionary tale – never believe *ANYTHING* on April 1st.

(But we are going to get a Daft Punk world tour soon right???????)

– Harmony

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