READ: Is Calvin Harris Hinting at MORE New Music?

2017 has already been a solid year for Calvin Harris, debuting a slew of new music that has doubled as huge collabs with major artists – and its only April. But is the superstar DJ and producer already teasing us with hints about even more new songs…?

Late Sunday night April 9th, Calvin posted three consecutively cryptic posts…

While the last snap leaves a lot to be desired one has to notice the pattern already established: “Slide” and “Heatstroke” feature a line up of multi-genre heavy hitters; Migos and Frank Ocean paired up on “Slide” to cover hip-hop and pop, while the same forumla seems to be followed on “Heatstroke” as well with the Pharrell Williams/Ariana Grande/Young Thug trifecta.

Could we see the same kind of grouping on “Part 3”? There has been speculation since March about a Calvin Harris/Beyonce track, could that include a rapper as well? Maybe even Bey’s husband Jay-Z? Or maybe another vocalist such as Rihanna? Or maybe each track includes another artist so “Part 3” could feature a four part pop start/rapper collaboration?

Not to mention, talking about these tracks as “Part 1”, “Part 2” and “Part 3” makes it feel as if they are segments of some bigger vision. The most obvious being an album but what about a series of music videos? Neither “Slide” or “Heatstroke” have official videos uploaded online. Perhaps Calvin has something big planned with a “visual album” á la Beyonce “Lemonade”? Such a move would only make sense when there are so many incredible talents involved.

What do you think? Is Calvin planning something big or just getting our imaginations going in preparation for an album? A tour? Or just another song? (Not that would be a bad thing…) Let us know in the comments!

– Harmony

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