Zedd Announced His Own Line Of Headphones

Get ready to spend $199 because Zedd’s new line of headphones looks pretty slick!

Releasing a line of headphones is something that more and more big DJs are starting to do. Tiesto and David Guetta have both put out their own lines and now it looks like it’s Zedd’s turn!

“I wanted the headphones to sound real and exciting but look sexy, modern and timeless.”

Zedd is partnering with Japanese design group Double Zero for a line of around-the-ear headphones, available in both black and white. The headphones are set to retail for $199, a not so steep price point considering the cool, modern style plus the fact that a major celeb like Zedd is behind them.

PLUS this comes at a good time for me personally since my current headphones recently broke (RIP). Zedd, if you’re reading this right now please feel free to send me a pair. DM me 😉

Check out the promotional video posted to Zedd’s facebook page below. Are you considering buying a pair?

– Gabe

Double Zero Headphones

I wanted to create headphones that don’t only look and feel incredible but also sound REAL.Double Zero. Arriving 4/19.Pre-order yours now at double-zero.com

Posted by Zedd on Monday, April 10, 2017

Source: YourEDM.com

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