READ: New App Makes Tattoos Sing!

Soundwave tattoos, the visual wave form representation, of everything from songs to babies laughing have been popular for the last few years but people had to take your word on what they sounded like. Now, thanks to an app seemingly from a Sci-Fi movie you can play your jam or make that baby laugh straight from your skin!

The app, from a new company called Skin Motion, is bringing tattoos to life via a technology they are called “Soundwave Tattoos”. The app scans audio waves and plays back the sound from said waves through the phone speakers. The effect, which you can check out in the video below, certainly looks awesome and would be a great reason to whip out your phone and blast your favorite song or play something as sentimental as your baby’s laugh.

It isn’t clear yet what the criteria is for tattoos that the app can read, but more info is to come when the app officially launches next month. Check out their website for more info and to start planning your new ink!

– Harmony

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