Where In The World Is DJ SNAKE?

Last week the superstar French DJ cancelled his set at Hangout Fest and deletes all social media. Does it have to do with his current legal troubles? Does he just need a break? Lets consider the options…

It all seems to have started on May 21st, when the DJ cancelled his set at Hangout Fest, in Gulf Shores, Alabama, replaced by rapper Lil Yachty. Fans spectulated that the cancellation might have had something to do with the poor weather which rolled through Alabama and the Gulf late last weekend (and even stranded Dillon Francis & Diplo in Alabama for hours after their set). But the rain did not set in until later in the day. Another theory, brought up by a fan on reddit, was that SNAKE was arrested for a DUI on his way to the festival. It seems hard to believe that the DJ would drive himself to the venue, and not simply get a ride from the airport.

The cancellation was not the strange part, after all – artists pull out of festival slots all the time and it can be anything from pregnancy to flight delays.

Had DJ SNAKE simply pulled out of the appearance fans might not have thought much of the incident, but by Monday fans and fellow DJs noticed that DJ SNAKE had all but disappeared from ALL social media – deleting his accounts without as much as a cryptic goodbye tweet.

Has the DJ simply had too much of life in the public eye? Unlikely.

Last week when asked about playing in front of 80,000 people SNAKE was quoted as saying ““When you are on top, people are trying to bring you down,” but the rest of the quote seems more hopeful, “…so you do have to prepare for this and be ready. All I will be doing is keep bringing those positive vibes.” Could his feelings have changed in the span of a few weeks? Sure. But living as a headlining DJ is not something new for the producer, so it seems strange (although not entirely unlikely) that he would decide to give it up completely. But every one needs a break, and celebrities have been known to delete social media for a break before coming back stronger than before.

Does this have something to do with legal trouble? Perhaps. 

Earlier this month, both DJ SNAKE and Lil John were named in a lawsuit over their smash/forever party jam, “Turn Down For What”. The lawsuit claims that the song copies a track by South Carolina rapper Freddie GZ’s, which even features the same name, released in 2013. The songs both feature the words “Turn Down For What” (said by a rapper), and do share a slightly similar urban sound, but did SNAKE and Lil John knowingly copy the older track? That could be up to a judge and jury, but the idea that DJ SNAKE would bail on his socials before this court battle heats up seems slightly odd, but perhaps lawyers representing the DJ thought he would be better safe than sorry in deleting his accounts now before things get more intense.

That being said, other artists have faced similar lawsuits (DJ Khalid, Bassnectar and others) and have not gone to such drastic measures. Although, if SNAKE and his laywers feel that it would be best for the artist then perhaps it is smart. It is strange to leave his huge fan base (and DJ friends) in the dark, and to delete EVERYTHING without even a hint or warning.

Maybe he just wants a break? Sure!

DJ SNAKE is a busy guy and maybe he just needed a vacation, or perhaps he’s sick/dealing with personal issues and does not want the pressure of social media looming over his head. It is completely his right and choice to get rid of something as trivial (but in today’s world, especially for artists on his caliber, necessary) as social media. If he did need a break to deal with a personal or family issue we can only wish SNAKE the best and look forward to his return as one of the most turnt and creative producers in music today.

Come back to us soon!

– Harmony

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